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Graduate School of the KIT
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76131 Karlsruhe | Germany

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PhD Alumni
Portrait Name Ph.D. Thesis
Benjamin Göttel  
Piotr Skwierawski  
Luksa Meder Design of digital signal processing systems for communication and data acquisiton in the Teratronics Domain
Paul_Vincze Substratkonsumierende metallorganische Schichten: Optische Eigenschaften, Wachstumsmechanismen und Strukturaufklärung
José Rodrigo de Azambuja Developing Non-Intrusive Hybrid Fault Tolerance Techniques to Detect Errors in Multiple Processors Systems
Patrik Schwab Electrically excited optical nanoantennas
Patrik Schoenfeldt Investigation of ultra-short electron bunch profiles for the generation of coherent THz radiation in single- and multi-bunch environments
Vitali Judin Investigations of Impedance and Multi-bunch Effects on the Emission of coherent THz radiation
Braumueller Quantum simulation with superconducting metamaterials
Norbert Schneider Scalable fabrication of three dimensional photonic nanostructures with shape memory polymers
Matthias_Lauermann Silicon-organic hybrid devices for high-speed electro-optic signal processing
raasch Submikrometer-YBCO-Strukturen zur Anwendung als Strahlungsdetektoren
Philipp_Jung Tunable Metamaterials