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Close Cooperation
Graduate School of the KIT
Logo Teratronics

Graduate Office

Schlossplatz 19

76131 Karlsruhe | Germany

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Administrative Team
Portrait Name Function
lea-skiljo Accommodation Office
sabrina-huber Accommodation Office
Lisa Schäfer Accommodation Office (on maternity leave)
Holger Moritz Accounting
Marliese Köhler Accounting
Ulrike Adam Accounting
Tobias Kronenberg Assistant to the Managing Director
Esslinger Facilities Manager
Tina Krebs German Lector
Dr.-Ing. Judith Elsner Graduate Dean / Managing Director
Stefanie Peer Graduate Office
nico-jaeckel Head of Sales & Marketing ID
Mangels IT Support
Gierich Junior Marketing Manager
Marta Schoeffler Manager Operations
Maryrose_Kelkis_100px Marketing Assistant
Hannie de Kinderen Team Assistant