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Close Cooperation
Graduate School of the KIT
Logo Teratronics

Graduate Office

Schlossplatz 19

76131 Karlsruhe | Germany

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Administrative Team
Portrait Name Function
Esslinger Facilities Manager
Hannie de Kinderen Team Assistant
Holger Moritz Accounting
Dr.-Ing. Judith Elsner Graduate Dean / Managing Director
lea-skiljo Accommodation Office
Gierich Junior Marketing Manager
Lisa Schäfer Accommodation Office (on maternity leave)
Marliese Köhler Accounting
Marta Schoeffler Manager Operations
Maryrose_Kelkis_100px Marketing Assistant
nico-jaeckel Head of Sales & Marketing ID
sabrina-huber Accommodation Office
Stefanie Peer Graduate Office
Mangels IT Support
Tina Krebs German Lector
Tobias Kronenberg Assistant to the Managing Director
Ulrike Adam Accounting