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Gender Equality

Gender Equality

Equal opportunities for the scientific staff are of particular importance to HIRST in an effort to have more female students in scientific and technical disciplines continue their study courses up to their doctorate, thus offering them the possibility of a higher-level career in science or industry. HIRST uses existing organizations and events for this purpose. These are tailored especially to the needs of female PhDs, such as the “Experience Female Engineers live” program, which allows a picture to be obtained of the everyday professional life of women in technical and scientific jobs. In this way, female graduates of the Graduate School are helped in finding the transition into a profession/scientific career.


The Graduate School by this tries to counteract the marked imbalance of women specifically in technology-oriented research. In this respect, the KIT follows the criteria set forth by the German Research Foundation  (DFG). It is currently implementing broader concepts to improve the compatibility of family and work. For instance, a Dual Career Office for top scientists and young scientists, both male and female, is being established which can draw on an established network of employers. The family-conscious human resources policy of the KIT is implemented sustainably and optimized continuously by the strategic management tools, “Work and Family Audit” and “University Adapted to Family Needs” of the Hertie Foundation .


Female students interested in writing a PhD thesis within the framework of the Graduate School as presented here can participate in all measures described above and make use of the different facilities. In addition to this catalog of measures, there may also be separate measures to support female scientists when necessary.


Studying with children?

There are a lot of possibilities to support you. Find some important information below: