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Applying for a Fellowship

To apply for a fellowship, you already have to be a doctoral student of one of the HIRST institutes.

1. Check if your professor is a member of the HIRST and talk to him/her about your plans of joining HIRST as a fellow. He/She needs to support your application.

2. Fill in the application form.

3. Complete your application
by adding the following documents translated into English or German:

  • Short description of your PhD project (max. 1 page)
  • CV (curriculum vitae)
  • Academic certificate of successful completion (BSc., MSc., diploma, …)
  • Transcripts of records, including grades from each course taken
  • Secondary school certificate
  • Short recommendation statement of your HIRST professor (can also be sent via email directly by the professor to graduateoffice∂ The statement should also include the related research areas of your project work and the name of the co-advising professor.


4. Send your complete application in one PDF file
to the Graduate Office, preferably by e-mail to graduateoffice∂

After the application, the candidates are selected by the HIRST Coordination Committee.