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Welcome at the Helmholtz International Research School for Teratronics

Teratronics is a multi-disciplinary research field embracing key aspects of optics and photonics, high-frequency electronics, and high-speed digital signal processing. Teratronic systems are characterized by an intimate and inseparable co-integration of these elements.

The Helmholtz International Research School for Teratronics (HIRST) pursues an interdisciplinary approach in teaching and research that combines the traditional disciplines of physics, electrical engineering, computer science, and mechanical engineering. HIRST offers a training program that enables next-generation researchers to explore the immense potential of Teratronics.

We invite you to contribute to this strongly expanding research field. More information on our PhD program can be found here.



Frequency Combs

HIRST PhD candidates worked on a paper on Frequency combs. The results imply avenues to enable novel ultrahigh resolution spectroscopy and metrology applications from the terahertz to the x-ray region.

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Probes for Atomic Force Microscopes

KIT and HIRST researchers have succeeded in adapting the needles to their application. For every use, a tailored measurement probe can now be produced.

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Smallest Photodetector in the World

PhD Candidates of HIRST have contributed to the development of a component smaller than a millionth of a square millimetre.

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