Helmholtz International Research School for Teratronics
Principal Investigators
Portrait Name KIT Institution Responsibilities
Thomas Zwick
Institute of Radio Frequency Engineering and Electronics Speaker of Research Area II, Member of Coordination Committee
Marc Weber
Institute for Data Processing and Electronics Speaker of Research Area VI, Member of Coordination Committee
Alexey Ustinov
Physical Institute Member of Coordination Committee
Chair of Dependable Nano Computing  
Michael Siegel
Institute of Micro and Nano Electronic Systems Speaker of Research Area V, Member of Coordination Committee
Thomas Schimmel
Institute of Applied Physics  
Jürgen Becker
Institute for Information Processing Technologies Speaker of Research Area IV, Member of Coordination Committee
Anke-Susanne Müller
ANKA Synchrotron Radiation Facility Member of Coordination Committee
Martin Wegener
Institute of Applied Physics, Insitute of Nanotechnology  
Ulrich Lemmer
Light Technology Institute; Institute of Microstructure Technology  
Wilhelm Stork
Institute of Information Processing Technology  
Juerg Leuthold
ETH Zürich, Institute of Photonic Systems  
Ingmar Kallfass
University of Stuttgart, Institute of Robust Power Semiconductor Systems Member of Coordination Committee
Wolfgang Freude
Institute of Photonics and Quantum Electronics  
Christian Koos
Institute of Photonics and Quantum Electronics; Institute of Microstructure Technology Teratronics Speaker, Speaker of Research Area III, Member of Coordination Committee
Bryce Richards
Institute of Microstructure Technology  
Principal Investigators: Mentors and Staff Scientists
Portrait Name KIT Institution
Staff Scientist Head of Accelerator Research Department
Thomas Kühner Pic
Mentor Institute for Data Processing and Electronics
Mario Pauli
Mentor Institute of Radio Frequency Engineering and Electronics
Nigel Smale Pic
Mentor ANKA - the Synchrotron Radiation Facility
Portrait Name Ph.D. Thesis
Reliability of Modern Digital Circuits, from Transistor to Circuit Level
Hybrid nanophotonic devices for teratronic applications
Philipp Dietrich
Hybrid 2D/3D Photonic Integration
Terabit/s optical communication using optical frequency combs
José Rodrigo de Azambuja
Developing Non-Intrusive Hybrid Fault Tolerance Techniques to Detect Errors in Multiple Processors Systems
Akanksha Bhutani
RF Interface for Silicon based EOM
Billah Pic
Novel integration concepts for photonic terabit/s multichip transceivers
Florian Boes
Millimeter wave wireless communication
Phase and Frequency Control Circuits for Photonic Systems
Analysis and Control of Particle Accelerator Operation and Acclerator-generated THz Radiation using Machine learning Techniques
Tools and Techniques for Hybrid 2D/3D Photonic Integration
Alexander Bilmes
Experiments on microscopic defects using superconducting qubits
Quantum simulation with superconducting metamaterials
Systematic Studies of Multi-Bunch Longitudinal Beam Dynamics in the Generation of Coherent THz Radiation
System Evaluation of Hybrid Optical and Millimeter Wave High Speed Communication
Shalina Figuli
Architectures and tools for highly efficient systems on chips
Christoph Füllner
Design and Characterization of Terabit/s Optical Communication Systems
Reliability Assessment of Multicore Architectures and Design Techniques for Reliability Improvement
Benjamin Göttel
A Fully Integrated, Multi-Purpose Radio Front-End for Wireless 100 Gbps
Design of Frequency Converting Ciruits for Terahertz Applications
Investigation of high-kinetic inductance media for superconducting qubits
Nanophotonic Devices for Terahertz Signal Processing
Adaptive Millimeter-Wave Circuits for Integrated Wireless Systems
Tobias Hoose
Photonic wire bonds for multi-chip systems
Vitali Judin
Investigations of Impedance and Multi-bunch Effects on the Emission of coherent THz radiation
Tunable Metamaterials
Investigation of Novel Material Systems and Device Concepts for Second-Order Nonlinear Materials
Kira Koehnle Picture
Silicon-organic hybrid devices for high-speed electro-optic signal processing
Millimeter Wave Radar System for High Accuracy Measurements
Luksa Meder
Design of digital signal processing systems for communication and data acquisiton in the Teratronics Domain
Sascha Johannes Mühlbrandt
Plasmonic Photodetectors
Duc Nguyen
Three-dimensional polymer waveguides for on-board optical interconnects
Konzeptionierung und Entwicklung einer heterogenen Architektur für „High-Performance Digital Processing“ Systeme
Interfacing feromagnetic magnons with a superconduction qbit
Simon Reder
Design and evaluation of a framework accelerating MPSoC based ultra high speed communication system simulations
Piotr Skwierawski
Terabit optical data transmission for detectors
Submikrometer-YBCO-Strukturen zur Anwendung als Strahlungsdetektoren
Norbert Schneider
Scalable fabrication of three dimensional photonic nanostructures with shape memory polymers
Patrik Schoenfeldt
Investigation of ultra-short electron bunch profiles for the generation of coherent THz radiation in single- and multi-bunch environments
Patrik Schwab
Electrically excited optical nanoantennas
Design and microwave spectroscopy of a gate-controlled, nanowire-based qubit
Yannick Schön
We investigate the non-linear properties of superconducting nano-wires in microwave electronics
Karina Schneider
3D Printed THz Interconnects for Integrated Electronic-Photonic Systems
Integrate Multi-pixel Arrays for THz Spectroscopy
Johannes Steinmann
Detection, seeding and controlling of micro-bunching instabilities in the ANKA storage ring
3D-printed micro mechano-optical systems
Substratkonsumierende metallorganische Schichten: Optische Eigenschaften, Wachstumsmechanismen und Strukturaufklärung
Analog signal processing for high speed data transmission
Jan Voss
Quantum dynamics of Josephson vortices
Fault-Tolerant circuits and SoC architectures based on programmable platforms
Characterization of Magnetic Noise in the Quantum Regime
Advanced Hybrid 2D/3D Photonic Integrated Systems for Communications and Signal Processing
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